Miss Hall's School

Type: Private K-12 School

Total Students: 179

Student Faculty Ratio: 1:6

Founded: 1898

Website: www.misshalls.org

Miss Hall’s has provided, since our founding in 1898, an exceptional academic education and the opportunity to develop values core to the human experience: authenticity, respect, honor, and growth. Our students have, since the beginning, become bold and creative contributors to the common good. Miss Hall’s has defined us over the 125 years of our history: a commitment to learning from those who are different from us. A 1932 article in The Berkshire Eagle newspaper celebrated this unusual aspect of Miss Hall’s School: “[Miss Hall] felt that a school which chose its pupils from… different parts of the nation and world would give them a broader concept of life. And she has not deviated from the path which she laid out in 1898. That her idea was a right one is attested to by the fact that today her pupils come from all over the world.” They still do. Today, Miss Hall’s School still embraces Mira Hall’s vision and empowers girls to use their voices, be their authentic selves, and become bold, creative contributors to the common good.
Boarding House

492 Holmes Rd, Pittsfield, MA 01201 Pittsfield MA 01201 United States